2021 Summertime Escorts

Escort entertainment this summer

We can barely believe that August is already upon us, but here we are. The heat in Central London may sometimes be unbearable, but it doesn’t distract from the charm of the city on a summer’s day. Now that restrictions have been lifted, people are flocking back for weekend breaks, and those that live locally are coming out to play again. This summer is the perfect time to begin again all the things you once enjoyed. That includes booking London escorts!

Try something new

We are not referring to the new escorts we have, we are referring to your “usual” type. If you used to book blondes, why not try out one of the brunette escort girls we have at Park Lane? But more importantly, if you are used to booking girls at a certain price, we are sure that you have saved up enough money during the last year and a half, to now go ahead and book one of the higher priced girls. Cheap London escorts may still be a wonderful experience, but have you ever actually tried a girl in our more VIP categories?

We couldn’t tell you exactly what the difference is, if we are being completely honest, but this is because we are not the ones booking the girls. What we can tell you is that here at Park Lane Escorts, we have a very exclusive client list, and they always compliment us on the girls in the high end categories. And we don’t mind telling you that these clients are among the most discerning in the entire world, not just London. Who do you think the wealthy visitors go to when they want quality female companionship in London? You think they go to the cheap escort agencies out there? Not a chance, they always come to us because we have the most exclusive and elite escorts in the city.

Help with your decision making

Because we are one of the longest running agencies in London, with years of experience in this business, we are always able to help. It doesn’t matter what type of girl you prefer spending your time with, we can always recommend someone who is available. Speaking of which, the new website has a feature that will tell you if a girl is available, busy or away, when you browse the main gallery. It helps to avoid disappointment when you call to book, only to be told that the girl is not available. It’s not 100% accurate of course. This is mainly because the girls do not always message us to inform us when they are available or busy. We try our best to keep it updated in real time though.

The heart wants what the heart wants

We are only too familiar with this phrase. The point we are making here is that, sometimes it doesn’t matter what we say or which recommended escorts we suggest. Sometimes you just see an image and read a profile and simply have to book that girl. This we totally understand. However, please do try to remember that looks are not everything. And whilst you may be unavoidably attracted to a particular girl, it’s still a good idea to ask questions to find out all you can. You may be booking a girl you like the look of for a dinner date, only to find out that she doesn’t speak a word of English! We would hate for your plans to be ruined because you didn’t take the time to find out.

Remember that Park Lane Escorts has been in this business for a long time, there is very little you cannot ask us!

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