Before you apply to Park Lane Escorts

Applying to be an escort

We realise that not all of you potential applicants speak very good English, but we do know that you will know someone who does. So, we respectfully ask you to get someone to translate this for you if you are indeed serious about becoming a high class London escort. The very best among you will speak English fluently of course. There’s little point in becoming an escort at this level without being able to speak a word of English. After all, you’re in London, so you’re going to need some language skills.

We are writing a brief article today to give you some insight before you decide to apply as an escort at Park Lane Escorts. There’s a little more to it all than being particularly pretty. The clients we get at the agency are all very wealthy, and they are among the most powerful and influential men in the United Kingdom, and in some cases the world. These clients do not always book the prettiest girls with the nicest ass and biggest boobs. This is not the case at all. They will book girls they are attracted to, mainly in order to see what they are like in person. If they have a pleasurable encounter (which means so much more to a high end client), then they will more than likely book the same girl over and over again, and request recommendations based on her.

Personality is essential

This is mostly because of personality. A high class London escort needs to have an amazing personality. After all, when you consider that a £200 escort can have a body that’s just as desirable as a girl that costs over £600, there has to be something else, other than appearance to it. And this is where the personality comes in. Failing that, it would be down to level of service quality. Either way, to charge three times the amount as other girls, you have to have something they don’t have. You may get one or two clients, but in the high end escort game, it’s about getting repeat business from the biggest and the best clients in the city, and across the world.

It’s important to understand that we are not saying that any of the girls we represent do not have a nice personality. We have girls available at £150 an hour, and they are lovely to spend time with. You yourself may wish to be a cheap London escort, and this is fine. All we are saying is that if you want to command the big money, you have to offer some big incentives.

Having a personality that will endear you to your clients is essential for this to happen. You need to be witty, intelligent and able to converse on a multitude of different levels. It’s not just about conversing however, you genuinely must have an interest in what you’re talking about. You will need to be the type of woman who keeps herself well versed when it comes to current affairs and popular culture. You don’t need to read the financial times at all, but a subscription to The Economist, or another source that can give you cutting edge news and opinion, is always a good idea. A good escort knows when to change the subject (usually when she knows nothing about it. Either that or she’s honest and upfront about her lack of knowledge on any particular topic).

Absolute discretion is expected and assured

On top of being an interesting person, you will need to be very discreet. This is always a gamble for us at Park Lane Escorts. We can never know how a girl is going to be until we send her a client who is famous or otherwise widely known to people. Most of these clients prefer to stay below the radar for obvious reasons. They do not wish for their encounters with an escort to be made public, or even discussed with the escorts’ friends. This is another level of class for those working at Park Lane. Anyone who works with us can expect our absolute discretion about their identity and location, and we expect the same in return, and for our clients. This is the only way that a high class agency can operate these days. There is a lot of trust involved.

Your level of service

We do not like to discuss individual services with our girls, or indeed with our clients. What goes on between the two of you when you’re on a booking is none of our business. However, we will say that if you are going to charge a lot of money for your high class escort service, it would need to be just that. It’s no good trying to get away with a service that your client could get from a girl at just £150, even though that girl may not be as bright and well educated as yourself. If you want to get by on your wit and intelligence alone, you’ll need to be perfect.

If you still think you have what it takes to be an escort at Park Lane, go and fill out our application process and we will get back to you when we’ve made a decision.

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