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26 July 2017

A Long Journey Rewarded

London escortHow many of you gentlemen travel into London from elsewhere in the UK? Let’s put it another way. How many of you travel for more than a couple of hours by train to get to London? It’s not a pleasant experience, is it? We want you to know that your friendly London escort agency sympathises with your predicament and we’re here to help!

You more than likely have to come in for work if it’s a regular thing you’re having to experience. If you’re coming in to catch a show or have a weekend break, the journey never seems as arduous. This brings us nearly to our next point. If you book yourself a London escort prior to your arrival (indeed before you set off), you are likely to take the sting out of your long journey, regardless of whether it’s for work or not, making it feel much more like a holiday.

A London escort will make everything alright!

Having a stunning young escort waiting for you in London for when you arrive is a truly wonderful thing. We don’t mean literally waiting for you of course. She won’t be standing in a sexy red dress on the platform at Kings Cross Station like you’re in some kind of romantic movie (unless you want her to be of course, in which case 10/10 for your imagination, go for it!) What we mean is she’ll have your booking in her diary and it will be a date! That time is yours! You could give yourself enough time to get to your hotel and freshen up before she arrives. And what a welcome to London that would be right?

Make the call!

So, when you’ve had enough of forgetting to reserve your seat with Virgin Trains, forcing you to stand up from Edinburgh to London, give yourself something to look forward to. Doesn’t it make it all more worthwhile? Especially when you have to sit next to the fat, stinking man who basically overlaps onto your seat.

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