Take your escort to a naked restaurant!

Dining with a high class escort

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, someone opens a naked restaurant in London! Now, we’re sure you’re all desperate to have a look at it, but we’re afraid to say that unless you’re an incredibly important person with some pretty heavy influence, you’re not likely to get a place. The waiting list is already around 5,000 long apparently! So, when are our London escorts going to get the opportunity? When you take them more than likely!

The Bunyadi

The Bunyadi is a brand new “pop-up” (we know; we hate that buzz phrase too at the moment) that’s coming to London, for only three months this summer. It’s going to really shake things up for the elite crowd. They’re going to forbid any electronic devices like phones and laptops etc. and there won’t even be any electric lighting, in an attempt to create a more relaxed “secret Pangea-like world”. It’s been quite the topic of discussion among our London escorts we can tell you. They’re just waiting for the first client to ask them to dinner there!

Would your London escort go to a naked restaurant?

Well, probably not of course, but you never know, it’s all down to the individual. If you actual manage to get a reservation for two at this place, make sure you ask us about just how far your London escort will go, before you book her to go with you. You might feel a little underdressed if you’re sitting there naked and she chooses to have her clothes on!

If you go over to the website, you’ll get an idea of how it’s going to be laid out. Don’t expect everyone to be able to see everyone! It’s going to be partitioned into sections so that you can dine privately naked with your guests etc. Now, we’re not entirely sure about what the waiting staff will be wearing, so it might be well worth a look! Talking about taking a look at beautiful people, why don’t you go and take a look at some of our London escorts and imagine them naked!

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