Argh, the budget! Can you still afford high class London escorts?

Whether you’re interested in the budget or not, it has no doubt affected you in some way or other. Just how that is however, will be different for each and every one of you. It’s often the case that you save a few quid here, but the chancellor takes it away from you elsewhere! What we’re wondering of course is whether or not you will still be able to afford to hire high class London escorts. Considering you’re here on Park Lanes Escorts, one of the classiest agencies in London, we’re betting that you’ll still be able to!

Get over your budget disappointments

Don’t drown your sorrows in the freshly taxed booze, book escorts. High class London escorts are not a commodity that even the chancellor has any control over when it comes to price! The girls we represent rarely change their rates anyway, they know their value and they stick fiercely to it! And when you see the girls we have in the gallery you’ll certainly agree that they’re worth every last penny.

The high class London escorts we represent are also available at different prices. This makes Park Lane Escorts the perfect choice for virtually all of you gents out there. All those of you that like high class girls that is! You can book companions from as little as £250 for an hour, and all the way up to £600. The difference will be made clear to you perhaps when you book the girls, but we can safely say that no matter which price range you opt for, you’re guaranteed a good time!

Arguably the friendliest high class London escorts agency in the city

We’ve heard that some of the high end agencies, and some of the high end girls, are actually none too friendly. This troubles us deeply, since when you’re paying for a service that is indeed the very best you could get, you expect those you deal with to have a good, positive attitude. Perhaps some of these girls and agencies have so many bookings that they feel they can risk losing repeat business? Who knows! What we do know is that we’re doing very well indeed, and we always manage to be friendly, professional and courteous at all times. Not only that, we make damn sure the high class London escorts we represent do the same too!

This goes a great way in explaining just why Park Lane Escorts is such a popular provider in the city. Find out what the other reasons are by checking the girls out in the gallery now…

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