Bedtime tips from our high-class escorts

High class escort girlBedtime with high class escorts!

We are always happy to offer advice to you guys, you know that. We’re even happier when some of our high-class escorts get together and have a naughty chat with us about things they like to get up to. We don’t pry, trust us, and they don’t tell us anything about particular people, but you would be surprised at just how much fun some of these girls have had in the past. And no, before you start, we’re not saying that this is with their clients, and no, we didn’t ask!

However, we have managed to glean a little from our conversations and squash them down into a small, bite-sized blog for you to read this morning on the train. So if you’ve got a few minutes, here are our top tips to please your lover in bed (whoever she may be)

Make sure she climaxes first

This is what we call “pleasing a woman 101,” and although it’s not always easy sometimes, it’s definitely worth a try. If you fail, it might not be you, it could be a problem she has climaxing in a certain way. If you are very close to the woman, you may wish to talk about it at another time and plan some sexy activities to ensure she gets the maximum pleasure from your love-making. But it’s definitely a good idea to go down on her and try your best, and don’t be so quick to slam your old chap into her like a piston in an engine either. They like to be tender and gentle sometimes guys, take her lead.

Listen to what’s going on

And this leads us rather neatly onto the next point. Listen to your lover. If you are making the right moves, she’ll be making the right noises, or certainly breathing a little heavier. You see, climaxing for a woman can be much more intense than a man, and it’s not all over and done with in a couple of seconds either, she’ll want to prolong the feeling and feel it build up too. Pay special attention to how her body moves against your touch and act accordingly. Those sexy escorts really can teach us a thing or two can’t they?

No pressure!

Trying to make her climax can get time consuming for you, we understand. But it’s not acceptable for you to get upset and pressure her, or insist that she climax because you’re getting bored. This is the sign of a true arsehole of a man. Women are not machines that are there to do whatever you will them to. And besides, perhaps if you were doing your job right, you wouldn’t feel the need to pressure her in the first place!

Book an escort

Again, we’re not talking about having sex with an escort here! But you have to appreciate that there is only so much we can write in a small article like this. So if you want to know even more tips, go and see one of these insightful and wise young London escorts and see what other gems of wisdom they can impart to you.

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