Beginners guide to high class London escorts

London escort beginners

Beautiful high class escort in LondonWe suppose it would be prudent to give a few pointers to those who have never booked a London escort before. It’s never really occurred to us to be necessary before to be honest, but experience has taught us that if you’re getting new girls in all the time, you’re likely to be getting new clients too. We want to put anyone’s mind at ease by saying that we are an excellent choice of agency if you’re never booked an escort.

Right from the start, we should let you know you’re in for a treat with us. Because if you book your first time from Park Lane Escorts, you’re also guaranteed to get high class London escorts. And as some of you will know, and others can safely assume, high class escorts are the very best of the best; you’ll never want to book anything else.

In actual fact, when you consider it, if you’re booking an escort for the first time, you’re probably not doing yourself any favours booking those of a higher class. We mean of course that any other London escort you book, will clearly pale in comparison! But then there’s nothing wrong with becoming addicted to quality is there? Besides, you really couldn’t choose a better agency from which to book your first high class London escorts experience.

Your first time

Your first experience is going to be nerve-wracking to set up, we won’t lie to you. But this will only be on your side, we do this all the time, so it’s “easy peasy” for us to set up. We’re betting that you’re going to consider booking an escort for a long time before you actually do it. But then you see, it will just hit you out of nowhere, and you’ll just do it. If you are here now, reading this and browsing the pages of our website, you clearly need some company, and you’re very attracted to high class London escorts. It’s only a matter of time before you book one.

So relax a little and remember the following:

  • You can book escorts from us 24 hours a day
  • Your chosen escort can join you anywhere in London
  • You can visit your chosen escort at her discreet incall apartment
  • Details of your booking will be sent to you when you make the call
  • Have your name, location and choice of girl ready when you decide to call
  • If you have any preferences (i.e. attire etc.) make these known when you call
  • Escorting is perfectly normal, and increasingly more popular these days
  • Escorting is not illegal
  • We operate as an introduction agency, and as an agency we do not condone or advertise sexual services with any high class escorts in London.

Always remember that Park Lane Escorts will be here to offer you a world class service, from escorts that have lots of experience, whenever you’re ready. All you need to do is pick up the phone and we can do the rest.

Happy browsing!

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