Black Friday High Class London Escorts!

high class London escortsWell, that got your attention! Of course, the high class London escorts we have at Park Lane Escorts are not by any means on sale, and we’d like to take this opportunity to refresh a few minds that escorts cannot be bargained with…

Black Friday is of course the name given to the sales that mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Started in the USA of course, but like everything else from over there, it quickly gets around to the UK and infects our day to day lives! If you’re the curious type you can learn more about it on Wikipedia of course.

Sadly for you, Park Lane Escorts do not, and will never have a sale. As if we would! When you represent high class London escorts like we do, you’d also have a hard time telling the girls they had to offer their services cheaper. Could you look them in the eye and tell them? Think about it now, they’re standing at your hotel room door looking fabulous, and you tell them you’d like a discount? This actually brings us to quite a serious point. There are actually people out there who think that they can bargain with escorts. It’s really not the way to go about things, but it is something we’ve encountered in the past and we’d just like to make it clear that it’s not acceptable by any shake of the dice!

Luckily for us, we have a number of very classy clients, as well as a whole host of gorgeous and sophisticated young women, and this is a rare occurrence. You’re clearly one of the good ones, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this far!

High class London escorts offer a high class service

Of course the worst possible result for you will be the one you get if you do try to “negotiate” with high class escorts. They’re likely to leave immediately and you’ll be placed on a blacklist. And believe us when we tell you that this is a calm reaction! High class London escorts are classy and sophisticated, so they’re not likely to make a scene, but you should be careful if you do this to any other type of escort from other agencies, or perhaps some independent girls. You have been warned!

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