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There are a number of reasons why young women become escorts and not least important among them is the opportunity to travel internationally.  If you have ever considered escorting then this is an article specifically for you...

There are some very bad reasons to become an escort of course, but we won’t go into those.  Let it be sufficient to tell you that at Park Lane Escorts we are very choosy about whom we represent and we ensure that all our girls are physically and mentally capable of performing their role.  It is important to us that our clients are serviced by the finest girls in the world and not just young women who want to earn extra money.

There are specific qualities that you must have if you want to become an escort, so we have listed a number of them below to save time.  Should you not possess any of the following then you will more than likely be unsuitable for our agency:

  • Attractive.  You must be attractive.  This doesn’t just mean in a conventional sense, of course, this can mean a number of different things.  However, if you are widely considered to be attractive and you feel that you look after your body and your looks then we would like to hear from you.
  • Personality.  Of course, attractiveness is only skin deep.  To be truly attractive you must also be at least a little charismatic.  In other words, as well as looking fabulous you must also be able to warm others to your personality.  Being able to string a sentence together is a good start, along with some humour and a little culture.  You need to be able to show interest in what your potential clients may want to talk to you about.  There is nothing worse than sitting across the table at dinner with a girl who isn’t the remotest bit interested in what you have to say.
  • Travel.  Being able to travel internationally is a definite plus if you want to become an escort.  The opportunities available to you as an escort who can travel will be very vast indeed, we have many clients who travel to Paris, Rome, Monaco, Barcelona and many other great cities across Europe and the rest of the world.  Sometimes they may require a travel companion and sometimes they may simply wish to meet you there.  Your expenses will of course be paid for.
  • Confident.  Confidence is a must if you want to be an escort.  You will need to have the confidence and courage to meet new and exciting people in a variety of different social settings. You may be required to meet a client for dinner in very high class hotels like The Ritz or The Mandarin Oriental, or perhaps The Dorchester.  You must also consider that you will not know the person you are meeting.  Not only this, you must also be able to meet clients in their hotel rooms, or if you are able to accommodate, in your own incall apartment.
  • Unshakable.  Obviously, you will be spending time with men, and some of them will be among the most powerful and affluent men you will ever meet.  Out of these men, some will want you to do things that you may feel uncomfortable with.  You should know from the start that you are not required to do anything you don’t want to but you should be prepared for these requests none the less.

Should you need to clarify any of these points we would be happy to speak to you, however it might be best for you to simply fill out the form on our recruitment page to see if you are aesthetically pleasing and whether we think you will be in demand or not

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