Book your hotel early this Christmas!

London escort hotel early bookings

It’s going to be one of those years gentlemen, we can see it already. The amount of guys we’ve spoken to recently who have been struggling to get the hotel room they wanted is incredible. But all is not lost. Not if you book early enough. Which is why we’re strongly advising you to book your room as soon as you can.

Not only should you book as soon as you can, you should also book wherever you can. London is becoming impossible as we run up to Christmas, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get where you want to go. We suppose that it is indeed in keeping with the holiday season, having no room at the inn and all, but this is getting really bad.

Be careful booking through the agency websites

We have championed the booking sites in the past, and they really are very good, even at last minute. But at Christmas time, this is where things can go horribly wrong. Because it’s just so very busy, and hotels can basically charge whatever they want for a room that become available, they are sometimes letting rooms out to those who come direct, and failing to update the booking sites. We have had clients telling us that they’ve actually turned up to the hotel, only to be told that their reservation has been cancelled, and they haven’t been informed.

Infuriating right? No kidding! Especially when it’s much more unlikely to get anywhere else at the same price you booked, and even worse if you’ve come from a long way off! You will of course be within your rights to complain, but it isn’t going to change the fact that you wanted that room. It was probably close to where the latest Russian London escorts are, right? Maybe Earls Court, or somewhere like that? You’ll get your money back from the booking site, but it’s still no good for you if you’re stuck.

Booking in advance is the only answer

In much the same way as booking our escorts really, whenever you can. If you book in advance then you’re much more likely to get a better choice, better prices, and a better chance that they won’t rent your room out to someone else. That last part can’t be guaranteed of course, but if you call them once in a while as your booking approaches, you’re sure to remind them. No, you’re right, you shouldn’t have to do this, but it’s Christmas as we have just explained. And Christmas is a bloody busy time of year. We know this because it’s very busy for the London escorts we represent too!

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