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19 July 2017

Book yourself a classically English high class London escort

high class British escortThere are those among you out there who are purist when it comes to booking escorts in London. Meaning of course that you prefer the company of English escorts when you’re in our nation’s capital. We are pleased to inform you that we have the very best in English escorts at the high end of the escorting community. Park Lane Escorts represent girls from all over the world, but we are particularly proud of our British girls.

British London escorts that endure

Whilst we’re not complaining about the influx of Eastern European escorts over the last couple of decades, we are pleased to still be able to represent the best of British. When you consider the amount of European girls in the community these days, it just goes to show that the British escorts that continue to get the bookings, are indeed the best of the best. They have simply refused to bow out and get lost in the myriad of new young women in London.

These British escorts have endured, not simply because of those clients who continue to seek them out, but more so due to their tenacity and quality of service on offer. This is the reason you will find that many of the British girls we have here at the agency are quite expensive. You’ll know the difference when you book them, trust us!

One of the latest and greatest

In the interest of classically English, high class London escorts, allow us to introduce you to the very latest addition to Park Lane Escorts. Her name is Lauren and she’s about as high class as they get. She charges £800 an hour, but this is for a very good reason. She doesn’t spend time with just anyone you understand? Those who can afford her rates are the type of client she enjoys the most! Affluent and influential would probably sum them up. Are you that type of gent? Want a British high class London escort experience to rival any other, you’ve ever had, or are likely to have?


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