Booking Escorts Between Christmas And New Year...

It’s that stupid time of year isn’t it? That brief respite between Christmas and New Year when your liver gets an opportunity to recover before you belt it again! And what does anyone really accomplish in this silly length of time? Nothing that’s what. You go back to work and all you do is wait it out until New Year’s Eve; even if you’re not going to get drunk, you just want it all over with!

It’s not easy for us here at Park Lane Escorts either you know. In much the same way as many other London escorts agencies, we have limited girls over the festive period. However, we have made an extra special effort to ensure that some of the best London escorts in the city are available for you I the run up to New Year’s Eve. In fact, on the evening in question, we have some of our finest girls available. We didn’t even have to twist their arms either!

London escorts on New Year’s Eve

You see, the high class girls we represent at Park Lane Escorts are actually quite keen to celebrate the New Year with some of our more discerning clients. Yes, it may surprise some people, but the girls we represent actually love their escorting career, and this is why they continue to do it. Some of you gents will already know just how appreciative these young courtesans can be when you take them out and about for dinner and drinks etc. So just imagine how happy they’re going to be seeing in the New Year with you! They know you appreciate they’re every word and they’re luscious curves of course, you see. What woman wouldn’t want to be with a man who is complimenting her all night?

Lay it on thick!

They love it like that! They really do! Keep the compliments coming thick and fast and they’ll be eating out of your hand by the end of the evening. At least when you book London escorts you know that you’re going to get the girl’s undivided attention for the duration of your booking! Nothing worse than delivering all your best lines, all night long, to an unappreciative woman is there? Not that you guys would know anything about that of course!


Well, to be perfectly honest with you, if you’re planning on dinner, you’d better already have reservations if it’s a fancy place. Being a high class gent such as yourself, you’ll know the places we’re talking about of course. And if you really are the classy type, you’ve probably had a table for two booked on New Year’s Eve for some time now… If not, never fear, London is a hive of activity on New Year’s Eve, and no matter where you go with your London escort, you can be sure that it will be an evening to remember.

Make sure you get your bookings into Park Lane Escorts in the next few days however… We anticipate a busy night!

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