Bumping into an escort when you're out and about!

Beautiful blonde young escortBumping into an escort

Now it’s not unusual for your gentlemen to discover a “working girl,” so to speak, when you’re out and about in all those London fancy places. We are very aware of this, so we thought we would write you a little blog post about those type of meetings.

Bumping into the best of the best

You’ve all been in places like Harvey Nichols right? And in there, you may very well have seen one of your former high end escorts at the bar, perhaps chatting with some people. Well, when you’re in a bar like that one in particular, it’s highly likely that your former companion is actually someone else’s companion at that precise moment. Even if that person can’t be immediately identified. Of course there are many of you who already know the rules here, but allow us to refresh your memory.

Leave well alone

If you’ve seen her before and you happen to bump into her again in a bar, a restaurant or hotel lobby, leave her alone. There is no other rule when it comes to this. So it’s really quite simple. Believe us when we tell you, if that particular escort wanted your attention, she would let you know. If you were out in a bar with friends, or another woman (perhaps your wife even!) you wouldn’t appreciate your former companion approaching you to start a “chat” would you? No, because it’s not professional and it’s highly inappropriate.

She will not entertain your advances

Because the type of girls you meet in these wonderful Mayfair and Knightsbridge bars and hotels are so very professional, if they are indeed chatting with a client or otherwise engaged, they will not entertain you in the least. In fact, if they are indeed working, there is a small possibility that they will be quite rude to you, depending on how persistent you are being. So, don’t take it personally at all, but if you are a little drunk and you won’t take a polite “no thank you” from this beautiful woman, you may not be pleased with her response.

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