Christmas is coming – sort the woman out!

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Yes, you read that right. Now that we have done with Halloween, the next big thing is Christmas, then the New Year. Forget about “bonfire night,” it’s nothing but a load of bangs and fires. Christmas is what you need to be focusing on. And we know it’s hard to focus on anything but our London escorts, but this just might be the best advice you read this year if you’re a married man.

You’re escort hobby probably isn’t widely know among your close family and friends. We’re just guessing, but we find that most clients who have a significant other are this way. If you start thinking about Christmas now, you’ll be in the good books with the wife for a long time and you can also have a great excuse for secret meetings with our high class escorts.


Now if you’re going to want to make this good. This is the reason why you’ve been secretive etc. remember. You’re going to need to go to Harrods or somewhere like that and choose some gifts personally. She’ll appreciate it, don’t worry. If only because you’ve done it yourself and not shopped online. If you do shop online for her, get her jewellery more than anything else. It’s your safest bet (as our London escorts say). But make sure you have a look at what kind of things she already wears, know your wife!


Why not go the whole hog this year and keep her off your scent for even longer, and grinning like a Cheshire Cat, and get her a holiday. Even do it at Christmas, it’s not too late to book some great Winter sun breaks. Even a weekend away, where you can let her choose her own gifts perhaps, would be a wonderful surprise for her; well, you’ll be going too of course!

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