Christmas is coming, but don’t you get too fat!

fit London escortDon't get fat!

That’s for the goose, or whatever other bird you’re having on Christmas Day. It’s not an excuse for you go eating what the hell you want, unless you’re going to take counter measures. Our London escorts like to let loose a little at Christmas, just like everyone else, but they are professionals and they know how to balance what they love doing, with what’s truly good for their bodies.

So today we’re going to talk to you about keeping in shape, with a few tips to make sure you’re looking after yourself. If you look and feel good, it improves your self confidence and makes you a much more desirable date for out girls anyway, so there’s a good enough reason if you needed one!

Eating those Christmas treats

Firstly, if you’re not an exercise person, you’re going to have to watch what you eat. If you go to the gym regularly, or if you run etc. then you can get away with much more when it comes to festive treats. But not everyone enjoys sweating their ass off in the gym, we know. So you’re going to have to learn some moderation. Christmas dinner is a must for anyone, and you have to take these calories on the chin like everyone else (or more likely on the hips or ass of course!) But you can watch yourself with everything else.

The snack food is always in abundance. Either ignore it all together and don’t snack, or take what you want, then put three quarters of it back! We mean it, this actually works. And it means that you can eat what you want, but you’re just not over indulging. Try it out before Christmas if you like, and you’re a man who likes to indulge at the weekends.

Boozing it up at Christmas

Booze is probably the worst culprit for putting on weight and general bad health, but it’s surprising just how many people can’t give it up, or even cut down. However, if you do decided to go for it and quit for a while (by far the best option), you’d be surprised at just how easy it becomes. You just don’t miss it, it’s like anything else. Except London escorts of course, once you stop having them, you certainly miss them!

The cold weather

This doesn’t sound like the usual thing that will make you fat, but it will you know. You need to be resilient in the winter months gentlemen. You need to wrap up warm and continue to do the walking you do now. When the weather gets cold, you tend to take more cab rides and stay in when you could be going out etc. There’s a reason they call it “winter weight” you know. Don’t let it happen to you.

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