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09 March 2018

Communicate better with high class escorts

high class London escort at the windowIt’s one of the advantages of booking a London escort of a higher standard. You simply get to communicate with them much easier. This is because they make a point of learning excellent English. They understand that it’s important for those with the money to book the girls, so they ensure they are worth the rate they want to charge!

Level of English

The great thing about these girls is that they retain their highly attractive accents in most cases. There really is nothing like a Russian girl speaking good English, with that “femme fatale” accent that’s so hotly desired among the most discerning gentlemen in the city. The level at which they speak English varies of course, but the main thing is that with these high end companions, it’s not just about the “speaking”. The vast majority of girls in London speak English, it’s the understanding that’s always the problem. After all, it’s no good being able to speak the language if you can’t very well understand it. And on top of this, there are also different levels of understanding.

Depth of language

After all, English is really rather tricky. It’s built upon a very rich history of linguistics and different styles. And whilst a London escort, or any  foreigner, may well be able to understand it well enough, there will always be those nuances that will go above their head. And we haven’t even approached the intricacies of English humour; which requires a hell of a lot of patience and understanding. What we’re getting at here (in a rather long winded way) is that, whilst a Park Lane girl may never completely get the language, the wit and charm of English, they’ll be the ones in the escorting community that understand it most of all.

It’s one of our criteria

Now, all of this isn’t so easily discerned by your average agency, because it takes a bit of searching for. We have a very specific way of interviewing the escorts that apply to us, and those that want to be represented at the highest level. It’s easy to chat to one of them and decide that they understand you well enough, but we insist on doing it on your behalf. This means that we’ll be asking them things, and engaging in general conversation, on a variety of things that you yourself would perhaps be concerned with on a real dinner date (or whatever else you decided to do that involves conversation).

There are levels of everything

You see, there are levels of English and there are many levels to our recruitment process. IT’s never just about “services” or “appearance” when we represent a girl. There’s a lost more than you may initially think when it comes to defining a high class London escort.

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