Date high class escorts but stay in low class hotels!

High class escorts - low class hotels

We’re sure we’ve mentioned this before, but we feel as though we should share it again, just because it’s such a great idea. Even if you do have money to burn, you are not obligated to stay in the best hotels in the city. Not if you are going to book an incall high class London escort!

After all, she has no idea where you’re staying does she? The point we’re making here is that, we know our girls are expensive, but you don’t have to book them to come to your hotel do you? They all offer incall services too, and you can save a packet on your hotel if you go to them instead. We realise that it’s nice to have a fancy hotel room or suite etc. and then have your chosen escort come to your room to spend time with you, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Book cheap

If you stop for a moment and consider just how much money you can save by booking a room for the night that costs you less than £100, you could put the rest towards an escort that isn’t usually in your price range. Let’s face it, the standard room type in the better hotels in London are around £200-400 a night aren’t they? And if you’re a high-flyer you’ll pay much more than that of course.

Now imagine that you can get a room for £60-80 a night! You could actually save yourself over £300 at this rate. And you know what that means don’t you? You can book another girl for that exact price. Why not book for one night in London and have a couple of incalls. You can have one the night you arrive, and then you can have one the following day when you check out of your hotel. Go along around lunchtime or early afternoon and enjoy the money you have saved, whilst in the company of a stunningly beautiful London escort.

Incall high class London escort apartments

Are you concerned about the apartment? Have you ever had an incall before? If you have been used to having your girls come to your hotel room, this will be very new to you. Allow us to put your mind at rest. You will find that all the girls we list at Park Lane Escorts have really nice apartments. They’re not all massively huge or anything, but they are all very comfortable, discreet, clean and tidy. You will find everything you need at an incall apartment, including good shower facilities, fresh towels and refreshments etc. Remember that a truly high class London escort will always make her home welcome to you. And another thing to consider is that many of the girls are much more comfortable and relaxed in their own apartments.

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