Dating London escorts: Don’t go to the cinema!

Make your date count!

This should be quite obvious really, but there are some people who still believe that a date could indeed include a trip to the flicks. Now, it’s up to you of course, but if you’re paying for the company of London escorts, it’s going to be an expensive movie…

Besides, dating in the 21st Century shouldn’t involve going to the movies, whether you’re with a London escort or your actual girlfriend. Just how much do you expect to learn about the person you’re with when you’re both sitting in a busy cinema staring at the screen! No, it’s just off we’re afraid.

Now here we have a number of ideas for dating with a girl you’ve met and want to impress, or even with one of our lovely London escorts. Some are classics, some are fresh and new:

  • Dinner. This is the most obvious choice, but not one for everybody. Dinner can be an extra expense you don’t want. But if you do, you should check out some of our earlier posts about some great restaurants, or do a Google search.
  • Drinks. The same can be said for bars. This is a cheaper option, depending on where you go. Also, London escorts love to go out and sip cocktails with their clients, as we’re sure your girlfriend would too. If you pick the right places, you can really get to know the girl of your dreams and do plenty of flirting!
  • Dancing. Are you a dancer? If you are, there’s nothing girls like more than to go dancing: Latin, ballroom, in the clubs, you name it! This is also a great way to get physical early on in the evening of course! “What is dancing, but making love set to music playing,” as the late great Sammy Cahn wrote.
  • Art galleries. Meeting at one of London’s lovely galleries is a great way to get to know a woman. You can walk around together, learn each other’s opinions, do a little flirting etc. And what’s best of all is that it’s usually nice and quiet in the galleries, so “chatting up” your woman is easier. Go for a drink later on etc. etc.
  • Something fun. Bowling, boating etc. it’s really down to what you want to do. We could list an enormous amount of things available in London, but it’s much better to list those another time to say a little more about them. Timeout London is an excellent website for finding new and exciting things to do. You’d also be very surprised what our London escorts would like to do, they go out to dinner all the time!

So, take these tips, don’t go to the cinema, and ask that girl out that you’ve had your eye on for what seems like forever! Alternatively, book one of our London escorts and guarantee yourself a wonderful night!

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