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30 April 2018

Don’t give the receptionist a hard time!

blonde London escortIt’s not a common occurrence to be perfectly honest, but it does happen. And you all know by now how we like to use this blog to highlight areas in the London escort business, no matter how small or trifling the issue may or may not be. How else does anyone improve the industry in which they work? So stay with us here and try not to get too offended!

Some receptionists may not know the girl

It’s important to remember that if you call about a girl on an agency website, the person you speak to on the phone may know nothing about the girl. They may of course know everything about the girl, it depends who you call. There are some receptionists with vast experience.

If your receptionist needs to go away and ask your chosen escort what you need to know, you must give them time and be patient. In our experience this never takes too long anyway. But if it’s taking a while, it’s not that your receptionist has chosen to ignore you. It’s more than likely because the girl isn’t picking up or she’s otherwise engaged. Give the receptionist a little time. At our London escort agency we will inform you if we’re struggling to get hold of a girl and more than likely recommend an alternative choice based on your preferences and other client recommendations.


Sometimes the receptionists get it wrong. But this isn’t common, and it’s not for everyone. What you need to understand here is that everyone is different, and whilst there are always girls with good feedback, they may not get the same enthusiasm from every client; or indeed have the same enthusiasm for their clients.

If you’re a regular at Park Lane escorts, you’ll know that we get to know the girls personally, and we know quite a lot about them. If you have questions, they can usually be answered by our receptionists quickly and easily. But please, allow us to reiterate. If we get it wrong, or there is a problem somewhere throughout the booking process, don’t have a go at our receptionist. It’s mostly beyond their control. However, do let us know in case there is something we can do. We want to make sure that you have a great time, but we also want to make sure the girls and our other staff are well treated.

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