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07 March 2018

Don’t leave anything behind!

blonde escort dressed for dinnerWe are writing this brief article to appeal to your better judgement after you’ve had an incall booking with one of our London escorts (or indeed with a girl from any agency, or even an independent). Always check that you have all of your belongings with you before you leave her apartment!

Never go back

Here’s the thing. Unless she has literally just closed her apartment door, and you realise you’ve left something, leave her alone. You’re more than likely going to freak her the hell out if you have left and then returned; unless she has noticed that you left something of course. But even then, it’s not the done thing to go back. After all, she could be going out, or have another booking to prepare for. Your intrusion will not be welcome.

We have very good girls

The girls we represent at Park Lane Escorts are all very nice and very honest. So if you were worried even a little about whether or not they would keep what you leave behind, and claim to have not seen whatever it is, you’re wrong. Perhaps there are girls in apartments across London who would do this, but we don’t want to know any of them! If one of the girls finds whatever you left behind, it’s usually policy that they will call the agency and let us know they have your belongings.

Therefore, if you do realise you have left something, the procedure for you is to call us. We will contact your escort on your behalf so that you don’t bother her and she’s not distracted in any way. We will arrange a suitable time for you to collect your belongings, and it will be one that suits the girls, not you we’re afraid. We’re here to represent them and we’re not going to start insisting that they do this or that, just because you’re panicking about something you’ve lost.

We understand that sometimes what is left behind might be incredibly important (house keys etc.) but it’s not something we can do anything about. If your escort is on another booking, you will simply have to go and wait somewhere until she is available. Do not, under any circumstances go back.

We thank you for your understanding

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