Don’t think you can’t afford an escort?

Busty blonde London escort girlCan't afford an escort?

Take it from us. Park Lane Escorts is a leader in London escorting and we know that you can. All you have to do is look at things in perspective, that’s all. The cheapest you could get a quality London escort used to be around £150 an hour. And we say “quality” because there are still girls cheaper than this in some areas of London, but we don’t trust them to be honest, and we certainly don’t represent them. So we’re talking about the better girls, the professionals.

But they’re not mainly £150 any longer. The cheapest “quality” escorts start from £200 these days, and we wouldn’t advise you booking £150 girls from other agencies. Park Lane obviously have girls that are much more expensive than this of course, we’re still a very high-end agency. But we aren’t naïve enough to believe that everyone can afford a girl for £600+ per hour!

What you can afford

Now, we happen to have quite a number of girls available from just £200, so you really can afford a girl from us these days. We’re not longer exclusively high-end. That’s not to say that the girls you get for just £200 are any less good at what they do, it’s just that the more expensive ones are in a different league usually.

What can you afford anyway? If you’re on our website, you’re clearly thinking about booking one of our girls. So let’s look at what you would spend £200 on anyway. It’s not even a good night out these days is it? Not in London anyway! It’s the cost of a PlayStation for the kids, or a new dress for the wife, or a jacket for yourself. It’s really not that much at all. What’s fooling you into thinking that it is a lot of money is probably what £200 could have bought you 20 or so years ago! Are we right?

Stop worrying

So, stop worrying about it and just book yourself one of our £200 London escorts. When you go to the gallery, you can filter it by selection price range: low to high. It’s very easy to find the girls you’re looking for. And if you like the experience you have, you can build yourself up in price as you can afford it. Next step up to the £300 girls!

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