Don’t try to “snag” yourself a high class London escort

Very classy London escortYou can't keep your high class escort!

To begin with, let’s offer you the short and somewhat blunt definition of what we’re talking about. You can’t afford her gentlemen. Look, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, she’s not likely to stop working just for you. These high class girls earn a lot of money here in London, and they’re not likely to stop doing that so you can keep them. They’re not toys that can be purchased to keep guys, they’re available for hire, mainly because this is their career choice, but nothing more.

They’re having way too much fun!

Let’s be a little more blunt and to the point. When you’re operating as an escort at this level in your career, wild horses wouldn’t drag you away from it! These high end girls are earning in access of £600+ an hour for their time and efforts, and they really enjoy spending this money when they get some free-time. Not only is it luxurious and it provides them with plenty of treats, it also gives them an enormous sense of well-being and accomplishment. When you can earn this sort of money on your own, and pay for a luxury apartment in Mayfair or Knightsbridge, you certainly have a massive boost to your confidence. There aren’t too many career girls in this business that would give that kind of feeling up, just to be kept by a man. No matter who he is.

You can flash the cash, but don’t ask

They love it when you spoil them of course, and we know that they can really reciprocate and show their appreciation, but they really won’t appreciate it if you keep badgering them to stop working and be your “girlfriend”. To begin with, they’re likely to believe that you will just want the next good looking model that comes to town, and they’d be right in many cases. These girls aren’t stupid you know. If you’re serious about your London escort hobby, then you need to be honest with yourself. You’re not going to stop looking at these girls are you? Not whilst there’s blood still flowing through your veins. There’s simply too much fun to be had.

Some of these girls have fallen for this in the past and simply been dropped when something better has come along, and they have subsequently lost earnings and even apartments, friends and family etc. because they’ve given it all up for a client. So if you ask them, you are likely to be met with a resounding “no!”

Personal information

Please be careful when handing out personal information to the girls too. It’s not that we don’t trust them of course, but if you’re going to do this and exchange numbers etc. you have to remember that you may well be contacted by them too. And this may be at a time when you don’t particularly want to be contacted.

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