Don’t worry about how you look

Model escort in LondonStop worrying

Obviously it’s nice to look good, we all want that. However, when it comes to seeing escorts, most of you get your knickers in a knot about the way you look. When in actual fact you’re in the company of one or more of the most tolerant and accepting people in the city, or even the world.

Tolerant may not be the operative word for it actually, now we think about it. For that implies that they don’t care, or that they have to put up with awful things, and this is simply not the case at all. The most important thing to remember is that they are used to men of all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life, wearing all types of clothes. This basically means that they’re “accustomed” to different people. Yes, that’s a much better way of putting it. And they will be very pleased to see you, as long as you are at least presentable.

There is a minimum

Of course there is! If you work as a fishmonger, it’s simply not polite to show up at anyone’s home, fresh from work, stinking of fish is it? Even though the escorts we represent all have showering facilities in their apartments, it doesn’t change the fact that your clothes, shoes and everything else will reek of fish. That is of course an extreme example and a very rate one, but you get the message.

You don’t need to be concerned about how expensive your shoes or suits are either. The vast majority girls don’t really notice anyway. It’s not the first thing on their minds. Just make sure you are relatively clean and tidy and you will be fine.


The first thing you want when you are going to visit a beautiful young escort, who you may already consider “out of your league,” is anxiety about the way you look. So what if you’re not muscle bound and sporting a six pack! Who cares if you have a bit of a belly, or not very nice legs? Not your escort, that’s for sure.

The girls get paid very well to keep themselves in great shape, and they do. They do not expect you to do the same, mainly because you’re the one paying! Also, she’s not even likely to see you again anyway. If you can have an escort meeting and not be anxious, you’re going to be much better prepared. And you are likely to have a much better time as a result of this. And always remember that you are simply not out of their league, they are happy to see you. And can you imagine just how many times beautiful woman like this are approached each day in an ordinary setting? Not many we don’t mind telling you. They can be quite unwittingly intimidating sometimes, and only the very sure of themselves approach!

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