Drugs are not cool for London escorts

high end London escortNo drugs for London escorts

Now, you may very well be a high-flyer. You may be rich and powerful and get everything you want out of life. You  may be able to afford the all the best things (clealry the best London escorts!). But when it comes to drugs, this is something that you just can't get away with, no matter how much cash you have. The real, genuine London escorts out there, do not rely on drugs to "get them in the mood" for entertaining you. And besides, who wants a beautiful girl for company, when she's off her head on cocaine? It's not really our style, and we know for a fact that it's not for our London escorts.

Do what you want, when you can

We must make it clear at this point, that we don't condemn drug use. We've all been there we're sure, it's a lot of fun sometimes. All we are doing is telling you that you really can't when it comes to the companionship of our high class escorts. You're not going to need anything else to enhance your mood anyway, we've yet to meet a man who wasn't completely taken by the girl he was with, and literally on cloud 9 by the time his booking had concluded.

If you want to do drugs, please make sure you do them when you're not with one of our escorts. The girls aren't about to start doing drugs tests at the door when you go to visit them or anything of course! But, having said that, if you show up clearly under the influence of something and the girl feels even a little uncomfortable, she is well within her rights to ask you to leave and declline your booking; yes, it works both ways gentlemen! LOL!

Sharing a bottle of champagne is different

Indeed it is. In fact, sharing a drink with an escort is a practical necessity in our book. It breaks the ice and it’s a nice way to briefly get to know each other. And it’s not getting out of your mind is it? If the two of you decide together to have more to drink and to party all night long, then this is up to the two of you of course. We don’t want to get too involved in your meeting, but we know what they like and what they don’t. It’s only fair to share it with you.


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