Elections, elections, elections… Isn’t it time to blow off some steam?

Even though we care about our fine city and what’s going on, we are about sick to the back teeth of the elections! In the majority of cases it doesn’t really seem to matter who gets to be mayor anyway, they only have limited power. When you’ve seen Boris Johnson lose his cool and Barak Obama totally unaffected by it (he may as well of laughed), we know where the true centres of power are in this world, so we sure as hell know where they are in London. Besides, we wouldn’t be a good high class London escorts agency if we didn’t know a thing or two about powerful men would we?

Anyway, you can read all about the victorious Sadiq Khan over on The Telegraph website if you like. We’d like to get to better things, namely, how exactly to blow off that steam!

What are you going to do now it’s all over?

Might we suggest a drink? Isn’t that always the way? And why the hell not! Whether you go to sit in the corner on your own, or you decide to get together with friends, or even book high class London escorts, these two bars are well worth a visit.

  • Little Bat Bar - 54 Islington Park Street. We know there are a number of “trendy” bars in London, but this one appears to be the type that’s likely to stay. And the reason it’s going to stick around is because the people they get in there are wonderful to be around, including the high class London escorts! That’s right, it’s a favourite haunt.
  • Behind This Wall - 411 Mare Street. They manage to keep a good balance here. It’s hard these days with all the “hipsters” out there; especially when this place is so cool! They play vinyl records in here and it’s very relaxed indeed.

Booking high class London escorts by any chance?

Remember that if you want to “blow off steam” in true style, the very best way to do it is with an escort. And you better believe that the best type of escort is a high class one. These women will make you feel as though you’re a King for goodness sake, and they’ll certainly erase any memory of the elections!

Take a look at the girls now…

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