Elite London Escorts Doing It In Style

Elite London escorts

No, not that! Where is your mind at? We’re talking about the other fine things in life! Allow us to tell you about some of the better places to go when you’re with Elite London escorts...

Elite London escorts are all over the city of course, but to begin with, we’ll tell you just how to spot the really good ones. No doubt you’ve been browsing the various websites out there looking for the best. We would like to tell you that you’ve found it here of course, but we’re not that self-serving! However, we will tell you that the only real well to choose the best, without recommendations or experience, is to choose the expensive ones! It really is as simple as that. These elite London escorts are expensive for a reason!

So where are you going with these elite London escorts?

When they’re high class, you have to go high class, surely? You’d be right, of course, you do. If you’re not familiar with London, here are a few ideas for you:

·         Amaya – This is the perfect place to go for Indian food when you’ve got enough money not to care about how much it costs! It’s not all curry and beer either. Not at Amaya. Here you’ll get authentic Indian food, prepared to the highest possible quality. Elite London escorts love this sort of thing, and if you choose a restaurant like this, you’ll be sure to show them you’re a man of taste and style. Of course, we know you already are because you’re probably going to choose one of our escorts. If you like Amaya, you might also like Dishoom and Gymkhana – two more great Indian restaurants.

·     Chiltern FireHouse – Not always the easiest place to get a table, but if you’ve got enough clout (and cash) you can probably push your luck a little. We’re sure they’re used to a little of this being one of the most fashionable celebrity hangouts. Food is delicious and the atmosphere is great of course (we wouldn’t bother to mention it if it wasn’t!) The cuisine is a mixture of international influences and we’re certain you’ll find everything on the menu to your taste.

·         Chutney Mary – This is a hotly reviewed and recommended Indian restaurant in Marylebone at the moment. You may have spotted Chutney Mary when it was in Chelsea back in the 90’s, but now it’s moved, it’s even better. We can’t think for the life of us why they moved, however. The food is wonderful, and like Amaya that we mentioned earlier, there’s a lot more on the menu than plain and simple curry. Can’t remember what it’s called off the top of our heads, but get the dish with slow cooked lamb, it’s lovely (a bit spicy, but lovely!)

Please, note that these places will have to be booked. Like our elite London escorts, they’re very popular and very upmarket. You can expect to mix with some of the London elite we’re sure, and who knows, you might even bump into a celebrity or two whilst you’re there. So it goes without saying that you’re going to need a classy companion on your arm!

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