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28 February 2018

Escorts please beware of self-representation

We’re writing this, not because we’re desperate for new girls at Park Lane Escorts, but because we’re concerned about the girls who are looking for representation. Obviously we get to meet many girls who want toenter the escort industry. Not all of them have the first clue about where to go and who to talk to about getting work however. At Park Lane Escorts we never really mind whether or not a girl gets represented by us or not, just as long as she has the best possible information to keep her safe and happy.

Protecting escorts

We turn down many more applications than we accept of course. Also, it wouldn’t be possible to meet with all of the girls who apply to us. We’d need a whole new “human resources” department! However, those we do meet, do not always meet the cut and get on the website. Sometimes it may seem to us that they’re just not ready. We will be brutally honest with the girl when we meet with them, but we will also explain to them why we think this, and what we suggest they do. It’s important because there are so few places that girls can go to for advice in this business (non-bias advice!)


We very rarely advise a young escort to represent herself. It’s a minefield out there when you’re getting your own jobs, and you have to be so careful. The popular place to advertise yourself is of course Adult Work. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a website that’s dedicated to all type of work in the adult industry, across the UK, including escorting. There are a few good points about this place, but they do not outweigh the overall hassle of having to find your own jobs!

Adult Work will allow you to have protected emailing to your account from clients, and you don’t have to display your number etc. However, not everyone wants to be getting their jobs via email. The benefit of this feature is that no-one can contact you in this way unless they’re already a member of Adult Work. This way you can also check out their feedback, whilst they check out yours. So if you insisted on self-representing, Adult Work would probably be the best way.

Pitfalls of self-representation

You don’t have to put up with clients! This is the main benefit of having an agency working for you instead of having to do it yourself. Even through the secure emailing feature on Adult Work, you’ll be bombarded with questions, and probably spammed by guys constantly. What you really want is someone to do all the business before you get around to the “business” so to speak.

Arguably the best parts of being represented by an agency are that the vast majority of clients you see, will already be known to the agency. Secondly, once you agree to take on the booking, you check in with your agency, so there is always someone who knows you’re on a booking, and they also have the contact details of your client. When clients book through an agency, they are much less likely to misbehave!


If you self-represent, your marketing avenues are limited. Well, they’re not, but you’re not likely to be able to afford or manage all of them. Directory listings, social networks and review sites are becoming much more important in the escort business these days. Trouble is that you need to be focusing on delivering the service, not advertising it.

An agency will already have these avenues working for them (well, a good one will anyway). With a popular London escort agency, online bookings come in from all over. Many agencies have specialist marketing teams working on getting your profile out there in the right places, so that it’s seen by the people who are actually already looking for you. It’s a lot easier to get bookings from someone who is already looking for you, and a good agency will know where to find them.

Avoid the pitfalls of self-representation and apply to Park Lane Escorts

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