Exclusive Mayfair Escorts Enjoying A Highly Exclusive District!

Mayfair escorts have always been spoilt when it comes to dining out, wherever they go in London, but these professional young escorts are getting treated even better these days as Mayfair steps into yet another age of exclusivity…

Many of you will already be aware of this of course, and those of you who have managed to keep a foothold in Mayfair are to be congratulated. We’re not just talking about property either really. Hell, according to ft.com, a burger will cost you around £40 at Sackville’s! Of course, we’re not just talking about any old burger here. They describe it beautifully in their article, so we won’t go to any lengths to replicate it; suffice to say that they tart it up with plenty of truffle!

Mayfair escorts have the key to the door

This is the sort of thing we’re talking about. Even Mayfair restaurants are closing the doors to the “average Joe” these days. When they can get away with charging £40 for a burger, they’re not likely to get many takers from outside the district, if you get what we’re talking about. Mayfair escorts however are privy to all that goes on at the exclusive spots in Mayfair, and to be seen with these young women is as much a status symbol as enjoying the luxury of debasing your £40 burger with a bottle of ketchup (much to the distaste of the chef no doubt!)

Can it last?

According to the general gist of the ft.com article, it appears that this kind of exclusivity can’t really last forever. They make a rather excellent point about the accessibility of places like Langan’s Brasserie, where “…people came for their 18th birthday and they come back for their 40th…” With increase in property and costs in the district, and changes in management and clientele, places like this risk losing business; thus money.

Exclusive Mayfair escorts

We can tell of course that you’re on this site because you’re an exclusive type of guy! We know the type we get here and we really appreciate your business. If you’re looking for company in a district like this, arguably the best type to book would be exclusive Mayfair escorts. By this we mean those exclusive to one agency alone of course. You can count on Park Lane Escorts having a number of exclusive girls by the way. The beauty of exclusive escorts is that they’re never really too busy, and if they’re registered to a high class agency, they’re likely to be more used to a better class of clientele! Perfect, you understand, for those £40 burger joints!

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