Flying somewhere nice this year? Book high class London airport escorts

You’ve all booked flights that leave at stupid o’clock we know! You can admit it here, you’re among friends! So this usually necessitates booking a hotel room the night before right? Why be alone in your airport hotel when you can book high class London escorts to be with you?

Some people believe we are only interested in Central London bookings, to fancy hotels and such, but we are a very efficient escort service and like to cover the whole of the city, including the major airports should you need us. Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, City are all places we visit; the hotels you understand, not necessarily the airports themselves. It’s not us flying off anywhere; unless of course you want to book a high class girl to go away with that is! This can be easily arranged if you do.

Meet us in the bar!

There’s nothing better than to catch up with one of our classy ladies in the bar of your airport hotel. Imagine that! You’re waiting there in the bar, sipping a glass of wine perhaps, and in walks the girl you chose from the website. Except she looks even better than she did on the website (this is very common with Park Lane Escorts). It’s arguably to do with the fact that she’s in the flesh, and she’s more than likely really nicely dressed to impress. You buy her a drink, you have a little chat, and then you retire to your hotel room.

Treat our high class escorts to the very best

Obviously we’d like to think that because you’re booking high class escorts, you’ll have a nice airport hotel. We’re not keen on the idea of coming to cheap places to be honest. The girls are very upmarket at Park Lane Escorts, and to be fair, there are plenty of luxury hotels near to the airport. Even if you stay just a little further away, you can always have your hotel organise a transfer for your early morning flight can’t you?

Anyway… Now that you know we’ll come to the airport hotels, what’s stopping you?

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