Getting enough rest?


It’s one of those things that not many people tend to think a lot about, but it’s undeniably important. Considering that we spend much of our time on the phone, in the early hours of the morning sometimes, sleep isn’t a much of a luxury for us; at least at night anyway. The same can be said for our escort girls. They have very demanding careers and they’re often up most or all of the night, at some party or other. At least they’re young, that’s what we always say, so they can handle it. They bloody love it we’re telling you! And who wouldn’t at that age in London?

We’re lucky that most of you gentlemen don’t require our services during the morning. It’s then that we manage to get some sleep. And you will find that most of the escort girls are sleeping during the morning too. If you’d been up until 4am, you’d probably want to sleep until lunchtime the next day right?

Let’s talk about you

Are you getting enough rest? If you live and/or work in London, you probably aren’t. Also if you’re booking high class girls from our website, you probably work very long hours in order to reach the position you’re in. Either that, or you have the weight of entire companies on your shoulders. If this is you, you really need to take the time to get enough rest. We’ve been reading up on it all lately, and we though we would share our concerns with you. Forget all about that meditation stuff if it’s not for you (and it isn’t for everyone!), just make sure you get to your bed at a decent time each evening. That’s the main thing. If you have got yourself in a habit of checking your emails etc. late at night, you’re never going to feel fully “unwound,” so to speak before you go, so you’ll stay up instead. We know what it’s like. But allow us to lay some facts on you.

The National Sleep Foundation

They have a great website that’ll fill you in more than we can here, but we’ll give you a capsule version of what we’ve read.

  • Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night
  • Lack of adequate sleep messes with your long-term memory
  • Lack of adequate sleep will prevent you from performing well at work
  • You need to “synthesise hormones”
  • Adequate sleep helps you heal, rejuvenate and build muscle
  • Lack of sleep can cause: high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity
  • You can’t “make up for it” by sleeping extra long at other times, it doesn’t work like that

Those are just a few facts gentlemen. So take it from us (and our London escorts), you need to get more rest. Make sure you at least try to get some rest. Think about what you can do to aid a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Avoid stimulants, including coffee
  • Take a long, hot bath and relax
  • Have sex
  • Read a book
  • Put a lavender plant in your room (this does work!)

And if you continue to be up most of the night and you’re lonely, book yourself one of our lovely girls. If you invite her around, she’ll probably wear you out anyway!

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