Getting married isn’t always good for you (London escorts are!)

Blonde stunning escortIt used to be “the done thing,” didn’t it? Well it isn’t anymore, and it’s about time we all got past this. Marriage is not the be all and end all of everything. We have been told that this is the right thing to do for so long that we can’t possibly think of life without getting married. Some of you know what we’re talking about, some of you need more of an explanation. Our London escorts are testament enough to the fact that men are simply not happy being tied down to one woman (well, not in the figurative sense anyway!)

It’s not good for your health

You know why? The main reason it’s not good for you is that it makes you give up. Once you are  married, or indeed in a long term committed relationship, you are less inclined to look after yourself. This goes for all areas of your life too. You will eat more, you will exercise less, and you will not listen to your own body.

You stop going to the gym, or you go much less. You eat whatever your other half suggests, or cooks. You tend to go out to eat more because you have a partner, and you get invited to more events too. It’s all against you really. It’s like you submit to being taken, and unfit. And there are actually some women out there that want their men like this so that they don’t run off with someone else. Lucky for these men that there are a whole host of professional escorts out there in London that are happy to see them, regardless of their current domestic situation!

Your appearance suffers

Instead of following your intuition on what you think suits you, and perhaps some tips from men’s magazines and websites, you tend to go with what your partner likes to see you in. This you will soon find, severely limits your wardrobe. It extends to your hairstyle, and even your facial hair. You may have totally rocked the beard before she came along, but now you might have to shave it off because it tickles her! It’s true gentlemen, and you know it! And you can bet your life that there isn’t a London escort in the whole city who would complain about your clothes, or your beard!

You become lazy

Now this happens with women as well as men of course. We’re not going to be sexist about this either. In the old days it would be that a man would slip into his role as provider, whilst his wife was a homemaker. This isn’t the case now. So suffice it to say that the things you did for yourself and did well, you become happy for your other half to do for you. You may well have cooked for yourself quite capably every night of your life, but now you have a wife who wants to “take care of you,” you are inclined to let go of the reigns, so to speak. This, we are told by our escorts, is where men become soft and less of a man!

So, our message to you guys is this. If you’re not besotted and head over heels in love with that girl, kick her into touch and have some real fun with escorts. Especially if she’s trying to snare you. Life is too short guys!

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