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14 June 2018

Grand expectations are common, but not always helpful

London escort model in black and whiteIt’s not unusual for a client to have very high expectations about his date with a high class London escort. Or any London escort for that matter. When you pay a certain amount of money, you expect a certain level of service. It’s the same in any industry we realise. However, you do have to be careful about your expectations when it comes to an escort. There are some thing you need to be aware of and we’re going to take some time out today to explain a little more.

You won’t find your future partner

If you are looking for a companion for the duration of your booking, this is absolutely fine. This is what our girls do, and this is why we are here; to facilitate these meetings. If on the other hand you are looking for a wife, or a long term girlfriend, your expectations may very well be dashed. Out of those we choose to represent here at Park Lane Escorts, we always choose those who are committed to their escort lifestyle and do not choose to “settle down,” so to speak, with the first man who comes along with a fat wallet.

Extra time

This isn’t a game of football. If you haven’t had the experience you expected, you don’t automatically get to spend longer with the companion you are with. And on top of this, she’s not going to spend the night with you, even if she doesn’t have any more bookings for that day. If you choose to book for longer, that’s fine. Simply contact the agency and we’ll sort it all out with you and the girl you are with. Or alternatively, book longer next time. These London escorts do not work on flexitime, they are not there for you at your convenience, they’re there when you book them, for the amount of time you book them.

Pay for the Rolls Royce if that's what you want!

This is a classic. And it’s not necessarily anything to do with our agency, since we don’t really offer cheap London escorts. We do have some girls that are cheaper than others, but none of them could possibly be considered as cheap. That said, if you book a girl for £300 an hour, then you get a girl at that level. An excellent service and nothing to complain about. Memories will be made and you will more than likely be back to the agency to either book that girl again, or someone else of a similar price band. This is because that is probably your price band. Now, what we’re getting at here is that you can’t expect to get the performance and dedication of a £600 London escort, for £300. Yet you’d be surprised at how many expect this to be achievable. The girls price themselves, not us. And they price themselves according to what they can bring to your date.

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