Halloween dates in London (with London escorts)

Beautiful Halloween escortHalloween escort

It’s going to be that time of year soon when you’re probably required at some point to, either organise something for your own kids, or have random kids banging on your door. Well probably not if you’re staying in London, but certainly if you’re someone who lives in the commuter areas. Well, either is surely enough excuse to book yourself some Halloween fun with one of our lovely London escorts.

Halloween in London

Halloween in London can be a lot of fun, whether you’re living here, staying here, or just in for the day. Why not attempt to experience one or more of the following things happening in the city this Halloween. You might even be able to incorporate a visit to an incall escort whilst you’re about it (depending on where you’re booking)

  • Ghost tours! These are always fun in London, and the beauty of them is that in a city as old and steeped in history as London, they’re practically always on. You can get a good look at all the walks on until Halloween and beyond on London’s Timeout. But our favourite choice at the moment would have to be The Plague Walk that leaves from Tower Hill station at 14.00 every Saturday. Give it a try when you’re next able.
  • Theatre productions. If you’re a gentlemen with a few quid to spend, why not take one of our English speaking London escorts with you to a show? It’ll be a lovely evening and you can count on some stimulating conversation before and after we’re sure, with one of our girls. Most of them love the theatre and would do almost anything to get a date to one of the latest in The West End. This Halloween looks to be a very good one with The Woman in Black playing at The Fortune Theatre. Susan Hill’s very spooky novel is realised on the stage in a truly marvellous play.
  • Halloween parties. There are loads of Halloween parties around London this year. Hackney has The Horse Meat Disco, if you’re into that kind of thing! But our personal favourite and that of many of our escorts if they manage to get some time there, is the one at Fabric in Farringdon.

Whichever you decided to take a look at, it’s going to be pretty awesome we’re sure. Please don’t go around to an incall escort’s apartment in costume though, you might freak them out! But do let us know if you’d be interested in any of our girls getting dressed up for a party!


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