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08 May 2017

High class escort etiquette: A reminder

high class London escortBeing a high class escort is no different than being any escort when it comes to etiquette really, but we still need to make the point that high end girls require the same courtesy. Some would believe that they can get away without paying much attention to etiquette when they book a more expensive or an exceptionally cheap escort, and we’re writing this article today, just as a reminder to everyone what’s expected of them.

The main rules for escort etiquette

Whether they’re high class escorts or cheap London escorts, all of the following apply. These are what we consider to be very important and we’re sure the girls do too:

  • When you call to make a booking, make sure you have all the details ready. Your address if it’s an outcall, the time of the booking, and it’s also a good idea to choose more than one girl so that you won’t be disappointed or have to mess around if your first choice isn’t available.
  • Have the money ready for your escort, whether you’ve booked an incall or an outcall. It’s not hard to make sure it’s ready, simply count it out and have it in an envelope on the table of your hotel room, or in your pocket for when you arrive for an incall appointment. No escort should ever have to ask you for her payment!
  • Being clean and tidy whether you’re having an incall or outcall booking is incredibly important. If you’re having an outcall escort come to your hotel, there’s no really good reason why you can’t have a shower and tidy up a bit before she arrives. She doesn’t need to be tripping over your pants on the floor or an open suitcase etc. You can count on her apartment being clean and tidy and for her to be freshly showered and smelling lovely when you arrive for an incall.

Let’s talk about treatment

That’s the etiquette out of the way, now let’s have a brief word about the treatment of your London escort. All we said above shows a respect for your chosen girl, so the fact is, you simply need to treat her like a very special woman. Since, that’s what she is gentlemen! A very special woman!

Now go and choose that woman!


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