High Class London Escorts Deserve A Well-dressed Man

Dress nice for your escort

They do indeed gents, and we’re here to help you out. You’ve all dreamed about being the next James Bond we’re sure, but it really doesn’t have to be anything that drastic to tell the truth. Here’s a little high class London escorts style guide to start you off…

So, no you don’t have to be Bond. Your suits don’t have to bespoke, and you can buy off the rail. You just need to make sure you’re buying the right stuff and that you know how to dress yourself. It might sound stupid to some of you we’re sure, but there are those among you who haven’t the first clue about what goes with what. This is a high class London escorts blog however, and we don’t intend on making it a style blog, so all we’re going to do is give you a little advice and point you in the direction of others who can perhaps help you a little more.

The best places to get “off the peg” tailoring

You could say that it’s not tailoring if it’s “off the peg,” but have you actually looked at some of the quality in the stores lately? The following brands are doing wonderful off the peg suits, and most people, including high class London escorts, can hardly tell the difference:

·         H. E. by Mango

·         Reiss

·         Suit Supply

·         Hackett

·         Aquascutum

Take a look at the Gentleman’s Journal online for more details about these labels. You can also link direct to other sites to purchase what you see if you like.

Online convenience

Online shopping alternatives have got a hell of a lot better these days too, and they’re really efficient to say the very least. Most of the major stores with a good reputation have next day delivery, and virtually all of them offer free, no quibble returns when you need them. Perfect if you’re one of those guys who doesn’t really get the time to go shopping, and has really good neighbours he can leave parcels with! That being said, most of the good websites will even allow you to select a delivery slot! Now there’s really no excuse to look good for those high class London escorts!

Don’t you think those high class London escorts deserve you at your best?

You expect to get them at their best, so why the hell not! We know most of you have enough style to impress them. Even though it’s not about impressing the high class London escorts you’re with, and more about them impressing you, it can’t hurt to develop a new habit of taking care of your wardrobe can it? We know there are those of you out there that have been wearing the same suit for the last ten years! You know who you are!

Now go and choose one of our high class London escorts to impress!

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