High class London escorts for boy racers!

high class London escortsEscorts for boy racers!

Well, they’re not so much “boy” racers these days, and certainly not when they’re cruising Knightsbridge and Chelsea in the type of cars they have! These are not Ford Cortinas and Fiestas we’re talking about, and they’re not sitting in car parks chatting up the girls on a Saturday night…

We’re referring of course to an article in The London Evening Standard about how this new breed of supercar racers has somewhat taken over the city. Well, that’s what the police would have think. Our high class London escorts don’t concur of course. Most of the girls have a thing for those rich and powerful types, and they love the occasional fast car or two!

Whilst we agree that good people shouldn’t be bothered too much by these cars, it’s hardly all of the time. These guys have actually become part of the main tourist attraction route when you think abot it. “Car spotters” are in abundance in the area, and the police have actually handed out dispersal notice to these people who are simply taking pictures of the fantastic cars! How ridiculous. One of these rich list guys from Qatar, Mr. Abdullah Al Manah, told the London Evening Standard

“I have been stopped twice just this weekend purely because my car was too loud, not because I was driving dangerously…”

Volume is hardly that much of a problem in the centre of London, where it’s pretty damn noisy anyway to tell the truth. We share the view of these guys and our London escorts. Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Chelsea, and these type of areas have become a Mecca for rich and powerful people who want to spend money in our fine city, why should they be treated in this way; if it wasn’t’ for all the cash they spend, London would be a poorer place!

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You keep coming to London and spending your money! We’re in full support of you, especially if you book high class London escorts too! No, but seriously for a moment, as long as no-one is being hurt (and no-one is!) then we can’t see the point in having a go at these sports car aficionados. What the hell is everyone’s problem? To be perfectly honest, we think it’s more to do with being a little jealous!

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