High Class London Escorts, Power and Politics!

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They say if you want to know anything about finance, power and/politics, ask an escort! It’s not that far from the truth you know. However, right from the start we’d like to tell you all that you can count on the absolute discretion of Park Lane Escorts. We’ve been in the business for a long time. We’re an English owned, highly experienced and highly respected agency.

The reason we’re talking about learning about these things from escorts is that we recently read a very entertaining article on Cosmopolitan about rich and powerful men and the sort of things they liked to do. We know that everything you read on sites like this should be taken with a rather large pinch of salt, but we had a lot of fun with it! Suffice to say that it’s based upon American research; if indeed you can call it “research,” so it doesn’t really reflect high class London escorts.

Scandal and sex on the campaign trail!

The article is all about how American politicians like to relieve their stresses and strains during elections. We were particularly pleased with the opening line of the article:

“Nothing makes men hornier than a tight political race…”

Hannah Smothers

We must say that the US escorts that Cosmopolitan approached to ask questions to, were all very professional. They could have been talking about anyone, and nothing at all was given away. Again, never fear, we are proud to say that our high class London escorts are a lot classier than these women. Our girls wouldn’t have even honoured such an idea!

So, you may be wondering what these guys were into, considering these women were prepared to share. The main thing we got from the article was that those in a position of power (in this case American politicians), just wanted to be a little submissive. You see, it’s not so scandalous at all. And to be perfectly honest with you, despite the very entertaining way in which it’s reported, we don’t find anything at all strange about it. And it appears that all of the other experiences that were shared were very positive ones too, in much the same way as our high class London escorts would report. Lots about getting good tips and sharing expensive champagne! The proper way to treat a high class girl of course!

What we can take from the article

It’s not without its purpose, or indeed pertinence to our London escort industry. Even though those considering a role in the London escort industry could use it for a few tips and guides on what they have to expect, there’s more to it. This is particularly useful from the client’s perspective too. Reading about other clients and what they like, can have a very affirming influence on your own interests and desires. Our high class London escorts have come across a number of men who sadly believe that some of the things that they desire are considered taboo, or strange in some way or other. Of course most of us know this to be absolute poppycock! We are very liberally minded here at Park Lane Escorts, and we make no judgements whatsoever. And the escorts we represent certainly don’t!

Take a look at our high class London escorts – we’re telling you, they’ll put the Americans to shame every time!

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