High class London escorts with massage skills

London massage escorts

We all love to feel the hands of another on our bodies right? Especially when that other person is a sexy young woman, or even better a high class London escort!

There are a number of girls available at Park Lane Escorts who have worked in the massage industry in the past, and who have some very desirable skills. These girls are usually at the high end of the scale when it comes to the escorting industry, for the simple reason that they have these extra skills. They’ve dedicated themselves to their escorting career and they bring everything to the table, so to speak, when it comes to making their clients feel good; true professionals.

We’re not saying that these high class escorts do any of the weird stuff you see these days. Have you seen that in some spas in the UK you can actually get snails placed on your face as part of a new facial massage therapy? For goodness sake, how ridiculous! No, the London escorts we represent that give massage services, are simply the good old fashioned sensual massages you might expect from a professionally trained masseuse. The bonus here of course is that your masseuse is also your companion for the duration of your booking; oh… and she’s also guaranteed to be hot (have you seen some of the Park Lane Escorts?!)

Just ask them!

As for getting a massage from one of the girls, the simple thing to do is to ask them when you’re with them. When you meet your escort, she’ll no doubt speak to you about how you’d like your booking to go anyway, so go ahead and ask!

Park Lane Escorts isn’t the type of ostentatious agency that puts a massive list of services, with obscure abbreviations all over the place, on each of the girl’s profiles. We find it distasteful, and we actually believe that those clients among you that know good quality when you get it, will know that they will rarely be disappointed with a booking from one of our high class escorts. Having said that, you can always call the agency to clarify anything you may or may not require. We have heard virtually everything you could imagine, so you really won’t surprise us!

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