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We send our Knightsbridge escorts to many different hotels in the area, so when we tell you we have found a good one, you know we mean it!

  • The Bulgari Hotel - 171 Knightsbridge. With it being only a short walk from Harrods, there’s little wonder that our Knightsbridge escorts like The Bulgari so much really is there? But it’s not the shopping in London that brings them here, it’s you guys of course. And it’s you gents that choose The Bulgari because you like the best of the best. The suites here are among the best in London, and indeed the world! Butler services in the suites are very good indeed. Overall you are made to feel very special. It’s not a big place, but it’s very intimate and luxurious. The concierge service is excellent, and very discreet. You’re also close to Signor Sassi – a world class restaurant, and a favourite among our Knightsbridge escorts, so you might want to get the concierge to get you a table; these guys have some serious clout you know?
  • The Mandarin Oriental - 66 Knightsbridge. Now it all depends on what room or suite you stay in, but they’re all pretty damn wonderful to be perfectly honest. The Junior Suites are quite sufficient for an extremely high level of luxury. That is if you are one of our more elite clients and have a pretty penny or two at your disposal. Standard rooms are also great of course, don’t get us wrong here! Our Knightsbridge escort are big fans of the very creative and tasty cocktails available at the bar, and those who have had dinner at The Mandarin Oriental have all commented on how wonderful Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant is.

Here are the Knightsbridge escorts we have for you nearby

How about the tantalising Melissa in Knightsbridge? This high class model is excellent company and does her all to make her clients happy. She’s happy to come to your hotel, or private residence to keep you company, and she’s also happy to invite you to her lovely apartment. It might interest you to know that Gena is one of the Knightsbridge escorts who have actually spent time in The Mandarin Oriental and The Bulgari. Oh, and she loves them both of course!

Lauren is another very fine Knightsbridge escort. She’s an international model really, but she seems to have settled in London for the time being. And where else in London is a woman like this likely to reside other than Knightsbridge? Go and read a little about her if you like, but her look alone should get your juices flowing and your heart thumping a little harder than usual. She likes her men suited and booted by the way; so try to look your best before you book this one!

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