How can you mend a broken heart?

Mend your heart

We can all think of better days, when living for love, life and everything else seemed very normal indeed, but we probably had someone special to share it with. What happens when you lose that someone? And how do you mend a broken heart?

We do have some experience when it comes to human behaviour you know. In our experience it’s arguably not a good idea to find another “special” person to take away the pain. When you do this, you’re merely trying to replace the lost love. It never works, and to be perfectly honest with you, you’re more than likely going to hurt the new lover; and you don’t want to be “that guy” now do you? Of course you don’t

But you know that we need human contact to survive in this world right? “No man is an island,” as the famous aphorism goes. What can be done? You can book London escorts to see you through the rough times. There’s one thing for sure. You certainly won’t hurt these young professionals because you’re on the rebound, or whatever else you want to call it. London escorts are very capable of being highly professional and detached, whilst paradoxically being very intimate and genuinely interested in their clients. We suppose that when you decide to become a career escort, this is the path you decide to follow and you stick to it.

Professional escort services

This is why Park Lane Escorts only ever represent very highly professional London escorts. If by that you want to classify them as “high class,” then so be it. If they can make their clients feel amazing whilst maintaining that professional distance, then they really do need to be called high class London escorts!

Got your wine at the ready?

We understand if you don’t want an upsell, if you’ve just experienced a breakup. Sometimes it’s just good to listen to some music and open a bottle of wine. Might we suggest a bottle of Prosecco for the following track? We think it goes very well indeed!

If, and when you’re ready to experience women again, do yourself a favour and just experience the sound, smell and touch of a London escort. You’ll thank us… At least until you’re ready!

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