How does the European vote affect the escort industry?

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It’s on everyone’s mind at the moment we’re sure. Well, those of you who are discerning escort hobbyists that is. We thought it might be a good idea to address the current fears for the escort industry and tell you just how we think it’ll go…

Actually, we’re not overly concerned to tell the truth. Well, not when it comes to our side of the escort industry. This is because we are a very “high end” agency. This means of course that we represent very high class escorts. We only represent escorts that are in the UK legally to begin with, and many of these girls have been in the UK for a long time already. Many of these young women have other careers in the city, or they’re students, so they have the same rights and reasons to be here as anyone else. They pursue professional escorting careers because they love what they do and they enjoy the bonus money if makes them.

Now, back to the point in question. When you represent women like this, there is little to make us believe that whether we’re in or out of Europe, any of this will change. The only negative effect on the escort industry of an “out” vote in the European elections, would be that there would be a tighter control over Europeans coming into the UK of course. But this is unlikely to affect any European already here, working hard and paying their taxes is it? And it’s also unlikely to affect any girls coming into the UK to study, or work for legitimate purposes. If anything, we’ll filter out the bad element of the industry.

Filtering the bad London escorts

By that we mean those that bring just any girls over here, for the express intention of exploiting them in the escort industry. We would no doubt get rid of this element, because we would only accept those coming here to work in other areas or study. This means that if these girls chose to pursue an escorting career, they would be doing so because they really want to!

So, in answer to our title question, we can’t really see that there would be any real significant change in the industry, unless of course we voted out. And if we vote out, in our opinion, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re booking London escorts from a high class agency; or at least one that takes itself seriously.

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