How long do you need with a London escort?

Escort booking lengths

This is a little like asking how long a piece of string is really. Everyone’s different, and we all like to spend as much time as we can with a beautiful young woman of course!

There are a number of things you have to consider when you book a London escort and you’re thinking about how long you’ll need. A lot comes down to expense of course, but there are other reasons that are more closely related to your personality etc.

Can you afford a long time with a London escort?

In an ideal world we’d all like to book overnight London escorts, virtually every night of the week if we could. But sadly there aren’t many of us this wealthy, and besides that, we all have other things to do with our life don’t we? But, if you can, and you’re the type of person that likes a LOT of female company, we’ve got you covered. At Park Lane Escorts we have so many high class, overnight escorts that you would be spoiled for choice! Take a look at our girls now.


If you’re not bothered too much about the money, and you really want to get to know your London escort, we would advise booking her for dinner; or at least for longer than an hour. You can really relax over dinner, and you can ensure that your London escort is relaxed too. She’s likely to be relaxed already of course, she’s a professional, but she’ll be even more pliable and friendly if you take her out to dinner!

You might not want that long

It’s entirely possible that you don’t want to spend that long with a London escort. You may not be a real “people person!” It’s not unheard of for our clients to book a London escort simply to alleviate their need for human contact. It’s totally normal, and increasingly more so in this day and age! If an hour will do it, then book an hour. All we’re saying is, have a little think about exactly what you want from your date before you book the amount of time you think you need. Remember that she might not always be available to stay longer if you decide you want more of her on the date…

Park Lane Escorts has you covered!

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