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07 May 2018

How to be a nice pervert!

brunette Chelsea London escortWe would just go ahead and tell you to behave yourself, but that’s not normal is it? In this life, in this universe, men will always look at women, so we figured we would just give you an idea how you could be a little less obvious and a little less creepy!

The beauty of booking London escorts is that you can “perve” as much as you like. This is what they expect you to do, this is why they keep themselves in such good shape, and this is why they charge you enough money for the opportunity! This is what they expect, let’s be clear about that. Everyone involved in the whole booking process is aware you have been checking out your escort on the website, so you’re literally expected to check her out in person, right?

Be discreet with the other girls!

But we’re not talking about London escorts here, we’re talking about regular girls aren’t we? And regular girls, no matter how much they show off their bodies in the summer, always seem to have a problem with you having a good look at the goods! So you have to be discreet!

In the summertime it’s nice and easy to have a good stare at the girls because you can wear sunglasses! Get some good ones that don’t show your eyes, and don’t look directly at the girl. Use your eyes! Of course you don’t’ always have sunglasses. In this case, just stop being so obvious. If you’re going to look, make it short glances, and for goodness sake always look embarrassed if they catch you looking at them; never be arrogant about it, that’s just creepy!

They do like it

If you’re not being too creepy, they love the attention. Despite what they may say or how they might behave most of the time. They flaunt themselves because they appreciate their bodies and they like that others appreciate them too. Not pests though. Every woman has the right to be left well alone if they’re not into you. And most of you should be able to take even the subtlest of hints that these girls give out.

Some of the London escorts we represent have told us many stories about how creepy men have followed them around etc. and how they have been worried about going home because the creepy guys would know where they live. It’s as though being beautiful is a curse for some girls and it just attracts so much unwanted attention. So if you’re going to check out any woman in public, show some respect, and more importantly some restraint! It can be freaky to some women, especially if you’re part of a group of guys checking out a woman. It’s imposing and downright rude in these cases when you do it for too long.

Remember, look for a naturally long time, and don’t overdo it!

If you want to look a little closer at a beautiful woman, book a London escort!

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