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05 January 2018

How to break up like a man

London escortsIt’s all about being a gentleman isn’t it? You see, we know you’re all gents who read this blog, simply because you’re booking your London escorts from a website that only offers the very best, high end girls. So, we are certain you’ll appreciate this little bit of advice. If you have a girlfriend and it’s time to call it a day, no matter what the reason, do it like a gent; cause that’s who you are.

Choose your moment

You don’t have to sinister about it, so don’t behave strangely until you actually do the deed. But you do need to choose your moment. Don’t wait until they’re on a high, enjoying a holiday, or celebrating anything in particular; this is just wrong!

In person, somewhere private

It’s just not right to do this in public is it? What man would do such a thing? We’ve also been talking to our London escorts, and they say the second worst thing a man can do is to break up over the phone. Or even worse than that – over a text message! Not that anyone could break up with one of the girls we have in the gallery (they wouldn’t get a chance anyway!)

Be upfront and man up

It doesn’t matter how it all ended, whether you found someone else, whether someone cheated etc. just deal with it in a honest and open way and be upfront about your reasons. If it’s going to go badly, it’s going to go badly. You sugar coating or lying about it isn’t going to help anyone and you’re just going to look like an idiot. Be clear about your reasons and be respectful, there is never any reason to throw petrol onto the fire by being mean in any way.

Show some resolve

This is often the hard part. When you break up with a woman, she may sometimes try to convince you otherwise. It’s a natural human reaction to want to resist change and want what you can’t have. She may try to tempt you out of desperation etc. but you know that it’s a bad idea, no matter what the “make up sex” is like!

Don’t make a big deal out of it

In other words, once the job is done, move on. Don’t go spreading what you have done around your family and friends and how it went etc. it’s going to get back to your ex and she probably already feels bad enough. There’s nothing worse than salt in the wound. Behave yourself and be quietly reserved about the whole thing.

Then do yourself a favour and take some time out before you do anything!

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