Independence isn’t always best for high class escorts

Independent escort or not?

Today’s blog post is about independent high class escorts, and ironically enough happens to fall on Independence Day! However, independence for high class escorts isn’t exactly a good thing…

High class escorts have never struggled to get good clients of course, but this is usually because they’re listed with a high class agency. When they list themselves independently, they enter a whole new world of trouble. The first problem they come up against is finding out where to list themselves! There aren’t too many choices for any independent escort really, regardless of whether they classify themselves as “high class” or not.

They have the choice to advertise their services on one of the many escort directories for London, but the problem here is that they’ll often get drowned by the sheer number of escorts and agencies that list with them. They can also advertise via social networks like Twitter, but again, it becomes increasingly hard to stand out among all the others on there; and to do it themselves is very time consuming to say the least. And speaking of time consuming, they could always make their own website and hope that people will find them that way; but this is takes even more hard work and time.

Another problem with all of the places we’ve just mentioned is that none of them can really highlight the girl as “high class.” She may well be, but she’s being forced to advertise in places where literally any escort can advertise. As you well know, there may be an escort that looks just as beautiful, that offers her service at half the price. This escort however, may well not be as classy as the one who stands out.

So how does a high class escort stand out?

They stand out by putting themselves alongside all the other high class escorts. Which basically means that advertising themselves independently isn’t going to work for them. They need to be with an agency who can differentiate between high class and standard, and refuses to list anyone who doesn’t “make the grade,” so to speak.

It’s not always an easy choice for an agency you understand. Here at Park Lane Escorts we could quite easily fill our website with girls from all over, and of any class, but we know our clients don’t want that. They want the best of the best, and we choose only to list these.

Book high class escorts from an agency where you’ll get nothing else but the best…

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