Independent Mayfair Escorts Are Not Always Cheaper

Independent Mayfair escorts

There is a myth in the escorting community that independent escorts are often cheaper. Well, we can tell you for a fact, considering we know a little about this, that Mayfair girls certainly are not. This isn’t necessarily because Mayfair escorts are any better than other girls you understand. The fact is that you will find most escorts in Mayfair who are independent charging exactly the same (sometimes more!) as agencies, simply because of the area they reside in.

This isn’t exactly fair in our view. Just because an escort offers her services in Mayfair, it doesn’t mean she’s particularly brilliant. There are some downright awful escorts in Mayfair! Sadly, this casts a bit of a shadow on the more renowned and trusted Mayfair escorts, who actually are at the top of the high class standards in the area.

Not all independent escorts are bad

We must assert that there actually are some very good independent escorts out there. Indeed, you may even find some of the girls we represent advertising their services independently. If you do go looking for them, however, you will not find them any cheaper. Sorry to burst your balloon there, but the type of Mayfair escorts we represent do not offer “cheap” services, whether they list themselves independently or not.

Our advice to you when booking Mayfair escorts

Our advice would be to simply book who you feel the most attracted to, whether she’s independent or not. After all, that’s what gets you going, isn’t it? The look? However, if you are particularly careful, simply book Mayfair escorts through an agency you know and trust. If you’re here on our site, then you’re probably already familiar with us. Alternatively, if you want to delve into the true escort ho=bbyist’s world, then check out some online reviews at the independent review websites out there. Punternet is a good place to get genuine and honest reviews. They don’t tolerate any nonsense either!

In the meantime, check out our Mayfair escorts. They’re not all expensive, but those who are really do show you why they're worth the extra money!

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