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09 May 2018

Is love a game you fail to understand?

cute brunette London escortThen stop playing! It’s simple really. We heard someone say once “The search for unity with another is the font of much of the world’s unhappiness” and to be perfectly honest with you, we have to agree. Besides, in most cases, when you stop playing a game you suck at, you often end up playing one you really enjoy! Booking escorts for example.

Accepting that you suck at love!

Booking escorts to make you happy isn’t a sad thing to do at all, it’s a proactive way to prevent yourself from playing the game of love. Once you realise that you’re not good at finding a partner or generally being able to stay with a woman and be monogamous, it’s much better. The hardest part is acceptance in most cases. That quote we mentioned in the introduction to this article is really pertinent when you think about it. If you are a single man, how many times have you found yourself unhappy because you’re single? A lot we’re guessing. But this obsession with finding “the one,” or even any one is the root cause of your unhappiness. Once you can overcome that you’ll be as happy as the proverbial “Larry”.

The bad times will be less

There are always bad times when you’re alone and you want someone to cuddle in bed, or you’d like to watch a movie with someone in the evening etc. when you’re friends are all busy and you have nothing to do, but as you begin to enjoy your freedom, these things will be less of a hinderance. You see, you are free to do whatever you want, and go wherever you want. What most single men fail to realise is that they’re not bound by anything other than their job, and perhaps some family members etc. The rest of their time is their own. They just choose to do the same things with it. Playing video games, going to the pub, watching the football etc. etc.

Get yourself a secret dating life

You needn’t deprive yourself of those feminine affections and attention anyway. Not when you have a mountain of escorts in London to choose from. Even if you’re not from London, you probably visit often enough; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. So the fact is that you should simply book some company whilst you are here. Believe us when we tell you that a huge percentage of our clients are actually single men who don’t ever wish to find a partner. They love their life too much, and they love the choice of professional companions on offer in our fine capital. We’re not the only agency either, by any means. Any man on the planet can find a number of girls perfect for him from the thousands of girls available in London today. It’s the way of the new world – who needs monogamy!?


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