Is there a science to dating?

Dating science

It’s true, our high class escorts don’t think there is any science to it, and neither do we to be honest. Really, it’s just chemistry and human behaviour in our opinion. However, we recently read an article on the BBC website about a 37-year-old identical twin male

We would suggest that you go and read the whole thing if you want to know more about his findings, and subsequent advice. Quite frankly, some of the advice that’s given by him, and Prof Khalid Khan from Queen Mary University, is absolutely ridiculous. For example, choosing a username “that starts with a letter high in the alphabet.”

We will agree with the guy when he says that writing about your ideal partner is “…an unappealing (and vaguely sexist) exercise in optimism and imagination” When you think about it, if you’re looking for a woman on a dating site and she stipulates all the things she wants in a man, chances are you’re not going to live up to it (at least in most cases). So you can appreciate how it must feel for a woman to read what you’re looking for in your desired female companion. The great thing about booking high class escorts is that these women are likely to be everything you want anyway! They’re professional companions of course, so you’re not going to be disappointed. And arguably the best thing about selecting one is that you can pick their physical attributes without feeling bad about it.

We are a superficial species

It’s time that we admitted it really don’t you think? And once we’ve admitted it, we’re instantly free. You see, getting guilty about how you feel when you’re searching for a partner, or a London escort, is a pointless exercise. Guilt is like a bag of bricks; all you have to do is set it down! Human beings are initially attracted to one another by appearance, so the whole idea of a dating site is to see the person you like, and then hopefully meet them. To be honest, reading all that stuff in their profile isn’t going to do much to persuade or dissuade you. If you fancy them, you’re going to go for it, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter how much of a wonderful personality she has, you’re not likely to be interested! Simples!

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