It’s the high class life for us!

Best clients for the best escorts

There are so many London escort agencies out there these days that sometimes it becomes hard to compete. However, here at Park Lane Escorts we have come to the conclusion that it is indeed a high class life for us, and we are unlikely to represent any girl that fails to meet our expectations for high class escorts…

It’s the only way to compete too of course when you think about it. Whilst virtually all the other agencies are scrambling around trying to get business from other agencies that have the same girls, we are listing the highest class escorts available; and this is all we’re listing. Granted, this prices us out of other agencies clientele, but to be perfectly frank with you all, we’re only really interested in those who can pay good money for quality girls. This, gentlemen, is our niche!

High class escorts are our business

They are indeed, and if you’re good at something, keep doing it! That’s the philosophy we adhere to. We have become so very well known as a high end agency, it would be professional suicide to change our direction now. So for this reason we’re channelling all our energies into ensuring that we keep our clients happy. You see, it’s not just about the girls all the time, most of the time our richest and most powerful clients book escorts from us because we too are very high class. They expect the best customer service available, they expect immediate results, everything taken care of, and a level of discretion that only a high class escorts agency such as Park Lane can provide. When one of our clients calls on the phone, we answer, and when they say they want something, we give it to them!

Our high class escorts

Our high class escorts have to tick a lot of boxes before they’re allowed on the website, and you can rest assured that we will not only have met with each of them personally, we have also conducted several other very important checks. We will always present you with high class escorts that have a level of experience you desire and those that are mentally well equipped to deal with the career they have embarked upon. Too often these days you find girls that are escorting for the wrong reasons, and we simply don’t want them at Park Lane Escorts. It goes without saying that all London escorts, regardless of agency, will be attractive to look at, but you have to look beyond this when you are choosing high class escorts to represent. You can rest fully assured that the girls from Park Lane Escorts, are at the very top of their game!

Check out all the girls in our gallery and see who you like now…

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