Just what do you get with a cheap London escort?

Cheap London escorts

We don’t often like to pull other agencies to pieces, it’s not our style, but we have to mention something about this whole “cheap” escort thing…

We get enough business on reputation alone, so we don’t really need to put other agencies or independent girls down, but some people still believe that cheap London escorts are the way forward. We’ve heard from clients who have had simply awful experiences with these type of girls and we thought it prudent to warn you gents away from them.

Is booking a London escort a bit of a risk?

Not as far as safety, and for the best part reliability, no. However, you do take a risk if you book from a less reputable agency, or one that’s particularly cheap. These agencies are likely to represent girls who won’t get listed on any of the higher class escort sites in London, or those that aren’t very good quite frankly. If you book from these places you do put your faith in “Lady Luck,” so to speak.

What’s wrong with the service?

The girls who list themselves quite cheaply are often desperate for money, and don’t really want to do the job. We’ve all done jobs we don’t like to make money, but it’s a little different in our opinion if you’re charging someone for your company, and you’re not really enjoying yourself. Your client isn’t going to have a very good time. You see, they don’t mind because they’re cheap. This in turn means that they don’t care about getting you back again, they’ll just get another client. There are plenty of men booking cheap escorts every day sadly, and most of them come to the same conclusion: it simply isn’t worth it.

How can you spot them?

Look for price first and foremost. Any London escorts who are lower than £150 are probably not that good to be perfectly honest. They may well be stunningly beautiful, but when you’re with them, a whole lot more comes into play right? You want to have fun, and you want them to be good at what they do. If the girls you’re looking at are less than £100, you should simply steer well away from them.

Trafficked girls!

Cheap agencies, and so-called independent girls can be trafficked. Now, we would like to make it very clear here that we are not saying all cheap London escorts are trafficked, but what we are saying is that it’s more likely. It’s even more likely if you pick a cheap girl from a website like Vivastreet, or other related classifieds online or newspapers etc. This is because you’re actually unable to see the agency they’re working for/with, so there is likely not to be anyone you can contact with a complaint or concern, and certainly no-one to reference if you’re the type who likes to leave reviews on independent escort review sites like Captain 69 or Punterlink.

We’re sure you’ve guessed how we’re going to sum up here… Book high class London escorts. This way you get professional girls every time, and they are accountable to their high class agency…

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